Each UTD token will have a protocol buyback value of 1 USDC to give each UTD token an intrinsic value, so that the overall ‘risk-free’ value of a user’s holdings will increase with time.



sUTD token is our rebasing token, and it is the main value accrual strategy of United DAO.

United allies can stake their UTD into sUTD to earn rebase rewards. The rebase rewards come from the proceeds from bond sales and can vary based on the number of UTD staked in the protocol and the reward rate set by the monetary policy.



aUTD is the wrapped version of sUTD and is a self-rebasing token. It is also the utility token of our protocol and will be the future governance token of the protocol.

What this means is that each aUTD can be unwrapped into a number of UTD tokens as determined by the Index and this value of aUTD is calculated by how many sUTDs you would have if you had staked 1 UTD token the very moment rebasing first began.



mUTD (mini UTD) is our reward token of the protocol. It is given out to Allies who pledge their aUTD, as a form of dividend in addition to their capital accumulation of UTD. mUTD is also termed as mini UTD, because each UTD can be burned to be fractionalized into a certain amount of mUTD, based on the protocol’s current exchange rate.

It will be used in our very own reward shop, where we will allow committed Allies to redeem rewards, such as NFTs, pre-IDO token allocations, merchandise, and vanity perks.